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When you think about your body, what comes to mind?

As a photographer, my job is to capture moments and freeze them in time. But without bodies, I wouldn't have subjects to capture. I work with bodies of all shapes and sizes and they all carry different experiences, traumas, joys.

The body is the only vessel you have to love and comfort your family and your loved ones. It is priceless.

The human body should be valued, respected and well cared for. But we live in a world where addiction to drugs, alchohol, fast food, sugar, caffeine and other self-sabotaging substances is normalized and genuine self care is mocked.

Don't believe the lies of convenience and comfort. Stepping out of your comfort zone is the best thing anyone could do right now. Our bodies were created to heal themselves, to push the limits, to build and create life. Our bodies are AMAZING. And they should be treated so. They deserve to be fed healthy, organic, real food. Our bodies deserve to be well rested, to be given lots of water and sunlight and fresh air. Right now, in this moment, we are all alive and that is for a very special purpose. I hope you will start to shift the way you think about and treat your body.

Did you know that eating GMO foods (genetically modified foods) lowers your frequency? That blew my mind. Negative emotions also lower your frequency. So dwelling in fear, anger, jealousy has the same effect on the body as eating fast food. Our creativity, strength, energy, inspiration all comes from within and without a high frequency, we will remain in fear, doubt and anxiety, unable to create anything. Therefore, eating real, organic fruits and vegetables fuels your body and the reality you can create from.

Let's talk about convenience for a second. Being sick is never convenient. I fought symptoms for 4 years before I was willing to completely commit to the changes needed to address the root of my problem. I ignored my body to live a convenient life full of fast food and GMOs because that was the only way I knew how to be social and do all that needed to be done in my busy lifestyle. My sickness caught up to me. My symptoms became louder than my need for convenience. I had to learn the hard way that stepping out of the rat race can be intimidating but it is so worth it. I learned to take a few more minutes several times a day to make changes now in order to avoid the incovenience of disease later.

The American culture we live in was not designed to keep us happy and healthy. The food we eat that is processed is designed to make us sick and addicted because sick Americans equals a sick amount of money for many industry leaders.

Your choice is simple. Keep eating what is popular and convenient and never see a change in your quality of life. Or make small, intentional changes now to better your quality of life in the long run. The choice is yours to make every day. Who you were yesterday is not who you have to be today. You are free to change, to grow and to learn.

If you believe there is a connection between our spirit, soul and body, then you are on the right path. I was told my whole life that focusing on health and the body is selfish and vain and that we are only here for a short time so we should spend our time serving others not thinking of ourselves. Then you get on a plane and the flight attendant tells you in case of an emergency, put your oxygen mask on first so that you can then be able to help your child or neighbor. So caring for our physical bodies cannot possibly be selfish if this body is the only way we have to bring light to this earth.

Eating is something we all do, hopefully daily. It's part of the human experience. Yet weekend after weekend I meet clients who show up to photo sessions and give me the most dreaded half smiles, an attempt to hide their self hate. They then make comments about photoshopping pounds and years away. They have to force a smile and all the while, they are miserable inside. I know this becuase I am an empath so I feel what they are feeling. I can sense their discomfort. And because of that, I often leave sessions absolutely heart broken. People are told over and over again that their bodies are not beautiful and they begin believing that lie and then learn to live a convenient life that fuels that lie. Literally, food industries are getting rich on making humans feel bad. Let's break the cycle.

My clients have no idea how much I pray for them, how much I speak love and blessings and protection over them. So when I say your body is priceless, take care of it, I am saying it out of love and respect. I want each of my clients to honor their true selves and genuinely care for their bodies. And in turn, show up to photo sessions feeling cared for and free to express themselves in front of my lens. When you know how well you take care of yourself, you don't hesitate to smile and feel good about yourself.

There is freedom in health. And each of you are worthy of health and joy.


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