{Mommy & Me} Tea Party: Mothers Day Blog

Growing up, I loved all things tea parties because it was fun and it was also a place where the imagination grabbed the reins and made each new moment unlike the last. 

I also have always been drawn to books, movies, stories with a strong female lead. (I read Jane Eyre in the 5th grade and since then have been a huge Jane Austen fan!) 

So partnering with my fun-loving friend, Dannielle, went so smoothly because not only did we get to support each other in our advertising, booking and return clients, but we got to work together to make this experience fun and successful for everyone. She brought her entire Matilda Jane collection for women and kids to wear during the photo session.  I had such a great time doing these sessions that I realized helping a fellow at-home mother's business is something I'm very passionate about right now. Working from home and raising children and taking care of a home and being a good wife isn't easy! I'm living it- so I know first hand how crazy managing a business from home can be. But there was something beautiful about two work- from- home mothers and business owners creating success together.

I think when women come together to create, that's a unique and powerful thing. Women are different in business than men, we are considerate, intuitive and we can anticipate the needs of our clients (mothers and children) unlike men can. 

So hats off to all the female business owners out there who are supportive of other women in business. May we all partner and empower others in this journey and experience the joy and fulfillment from the success that is bound to come from that partnership. Women in business are powerful, women in the home are conquerors and women fulfilling both roles are straight up badasses. 

Moms- I hope you take the time to celebrate yourselves this Mother's Day weekend. You are the apple of your children's eye and you are needed in this world and essential in your home.

Cheers to women supporting other women!