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I Need a Hero

My three year old is obsessed with super heroes.

I knew this day was coming but now that it's here, I am a little frustrated how every super hero is portrayed as tall and muscular, not because there's anything wrong with that, but because I know my super hero isn't dressed in a cape and I want my son to someday realize that too.

My super hero is my husband, and he wears worn out work boots, worn in jeans and physically wears himself out everyday working to provide for his family.

So for now I have to bite my tongue and let my mask-wearing toddler don the capes, the suits and the pretend fame while he pretends to beat up the bad guys just like Super Man, Spider-Man and Batman. I know he will learn from his dad the value of honesty, hard work and commitment. I know that this is just a phase where he is learning how good and bad operate and I'm so glad he's choosing to be the good guy. I'm so glad he's choosing to use his imagination and that standing up for someone who can't stand up for themselves is important to him.

As a photographer and a mom of a 3 year old boy, I will admit photo sessions aren't exactly easy these days. He is very headstrong. Which is why after I purchased the cape and mask sets I tried to let it be his idea to go "to the buildings" and take photos. He agreed and had a great attitude during the shoot which is a sigh of relief.

Finding shoots that are fun and cute isn't easy, but if you're a mom of a three year old boy, I highly recommend doing this shoot, they won't even know they're getting their pictures made because they're having so much fun!

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