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Going Home

I have roots in both North Carolina and Georgia.

I try to make it home as much as possible and I've noticed that with every trip home, I begin to miss the little things the most. So many aspects of life become routine. But when you move away from home and return to visit, you realize the daily routine can be rather extraordinary.

Here are a few images that represent the familiar to me.

My dad's mortar-covered work boots, my dads homemade wine, my mom serving one of her many delicious homemade meals, the Star of David.

I love how the image my dad's work boots reminds me of my daily life as a child. We would get home from school and have a snack and watch tv and then get started on homework and mom would start dinner. We would hear the diesel work truck pull up and park behind the house in the garage and then the back door would open and close and in comes my dad to sit on the staircase to take off his dirty boots (which would make Mom crazy cause he just tracked dirt inside!). We would then sit down to dinner and then go about the rest of our nightly routine. Just glancing at image brings so much life to my childhood memories. I love the power of imagery.

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